Our Skill

We specialize in providing enterprise solutions for our clients. We minimize the gap between technology and its audience.


Software Development


ERP Solution


Web Designing



Our Journey

Our customer-centric approach to our partnerships ensures we are always able to bring the best-in-class solutions to solve real world business problems for our clients through our capabilities and skills.



Our Humble beginning

Almost every big business today began as a startup--Apple, Google, Starbucks, you name it. In the beginning, most of them also had a shoestring budget and little investor interest. You don't need a ton of money (or really any at all) to necessarily create your first product. You do, however, need to fill a gap in the market and--if possible--offer something that's never been seen before. Tritan Started with this vision in CA Jan 2013


Nov 2015

Company Regisrered Under Companies Act

Tritan's Extended their Hands and legs in India and started their Operation their very first ODC setup at New Delhi.


Dec 2015

TritanERP Launched

TritanERP is an integrated suite of robust business solutions that work synergistically to help you maximize operational efficiency and increase productivity and profitability across every aspect of your enterprise. Now you can leverage the power of one software company to meet all your software needs. And you have the added convenience and peace of mind that come with knowing you can count on the superior quality, reliability, and customer support services of Tritan Solutions


Jan 2016

Migrated Customer from Desktop based application to Cloud based application

Migrated our first customer from Desktop based application to a Cloud based ERP application. This included setting up of cloud enviornment, migration etc